As your business’s one-stop shop for packaging supplies and accessories, here at No1 Packaging, we pride ourselves on providing reliable and practical boxes for a wide range of uses. And best of all? We deliver them all at unbeatable prices.

With a comprehensive selection of boxes ranging from flat-pack fit for shipping and general packaging use to specialised BCDM and palletised cartons for a variety of applications, all our boxes are made from high-quality kraft board to ensure a flawless performance every time. With durability, strength and practicality assured, this range offers businesses the ideal solution to their boxing requirements, whatever they may be.

The promise of practicality

As packaging experts with years of experience providing high-quality packaging solutions to businesses across various industries and sectors, we understand the importance of practicality when it comes to packaging supplies. That’s why all of our boxes boast a range of practical properties that make them perfect for a range of applications:

  • Versatile - amidst busy working days, you can never quite predict when or where you’re going to need to utilise cardboard boxes - making versatility key. As such, our boxes are flexible to suit a variety of applications, ranging from shipping to storing, with a choice of sizes and strengths enabling you to find the right solution for your requirements
  • Space efficient - if you’re using boxes for a practical storage solution, chances are you’re looking to save on space. Luckily, our single and double wall cartons can be safely stacked on top of each other without squashing either the boxes beneath or their contents, meaning they’re effortlessly space efficient - a desirable quality in many environments
  • Reliable - whether you’re storing or shipping contents, it’s important that you can rely on your boxes to keep items safe and secure. That’s why all of our boxes are strong, robust and durable - giving you peace of mind that your contents will be well protected against whatever comes their way. Opt for single wall cartons for light to medium duty use and double wall or specialised boxes for heavier loads
  • Easy to assemble - making light work of packaging large or bulk products, the standard four-flap fastening design of our flat-pack boxes ensures they’re quick and easy to construct, simply taped together for sturdy assembly

For every application

Simple storage

Are you an office or physical retailer with extra stock, documents or displays to store away? With space often tight, our single wall cartons provide the perfect solution - as these not only ensure the safety and security of your goods, but can also be stored on top of each other to make better use of limited space. Pair these qualities with quick and easy assembly, and the result is a functional and sustainable storage solution that you can use time and time again.

Efficient shipping

Whether you’re a small, independent retailer or a large-scale warehouse and logistics company, perhaps the most popular use for cardboard boxes is shipping. With that in mind, we have a range of options for secure shipping, regardless of the size or weight of your cargo.

While single wall cartons will suffice for smaller orders, when it comes to heavier items, you’ll want the extra reassurance provided by our double wall cardboard boxes. This is because the two-ply layer of corrugated cardboard in each box provides extra strength and support during transit - meaning that, no matter what bumps and knocks the box is exposed to during the supply chain process, your goods will still arrive in perfect condition. Better yet, with this extra strength, these cartons will retain their shape - meaning heavier products can be stacked on top each other without the risk of compression and subsequent damage.

For industrial and larger warehouse environments, we also offer specialist boxes like palletised cartons. These large cardboard boxes are specifically designed for storing and shipping loads of a significant quantity - with a heavy cap, sleeve and tray construction and four-way wooden pallet for easy lifting using a forklift.

Alternatively, if you’re hoping to optimise the organisation of your warehouse and storage facilities, our BDCM cartons with printed text space enable easy categorisation for logical organisation and rapid identification of stock.

Hassle-free removals

If you’re a removal company specialising in either residential or commercial relocations, look no further than this extensive range of removal boxes. From wardrobe cartons for easy garment transportation to flat-pack cartons and protective inner packaging, we stock everything you need to deliver the ultimate efficient removal service to the end user.

All with the No1 Packaging special touch

Here at No1 Packaging, we pride ourselves on supplying quality packaging products with a quality service to match. That’s why we offer businesses discounts on all bulk orders of our boxes - not to mention free next day mainland UK delivery on all orders over £50.

With unrivalled service, unbeatable prices and an unbelievable range of boxes to choose from, order with No1 Packaging today. Alternatively, if you’d like to find out a little more about our extensive range or simply want to know how No1 Packaging can help your business, why not get in touch?

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