Clothes Lines

Whether you’re looking for a strong and reliable everyday clothes line or something more industrial for heavy-duty use, you’re sure to find everything you need right here at No1 Packaging. 

With a wide selection of clothes lines in different materials and design specifications, we strive to bring our valued customers the best when it comes to choice, quality and price.

Strong clothes lines you can rely on

When you’re air-drying laundry you need a robust and sturdy clothes line that’s designed to hold the weight of wet washing without breaking and undoing all your hard work. It doesn’t matter if you’re processing standard washing loads or doing laundry on an industrial scale, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect option to suit your needs. 

For light-duty use, our traditional and value stranded polypropylene clothes lines offer a cost-effective and reliable option. They also offer exceptional flexibility to adapt to any size space, allowing you to suspend washing lines for effective air-drying, even in small areas. 

For hospitals, hotels and other hospitality settings where you’re hanging heavier loads such as large volumes of bed linen, towels and garments, opting for one of our heavy-duty PVC clothes lines with a polypropylene or steel core could be the way to go. The reinforced core that’s encased in the durable PVC coating delivers incredible tensile strength for hanging wet laundry in vast quantities - making sure laundry can be hung out to dry without the risk of the line snapping and clean washing ending up on the floor. 

High-quality products at affordable prices

At No1 Packaging, we understand that price and quality are equally important factors when buying clothes lines. That’s why with all our products, we keep a close eye on our manufacturing processes and the market prices - all to ensure we’re doing all we can to keep costs down without compromising on quality. 

We also offer a structured pricing plan with our clothes lines products, meaning you can make bigger savings the more items you buy. Add on our promise of free delivery to mainland UK on all orders over £50 and our quick and simple online checkout process, and you’ll find that buying clothes lines with us is hassle-free and affordable. 

So, what are you waiting for? Shop our complete range of premium-quality clothes lines online right now. Of course, if you’d prefer to discuss your requirements with one of our experts, we’re always here to help - you’ll find all the details you need for reaching us on our Contact Us page.

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