Kraft Rolls

Here at No1 Packaging, we pride ourselves on providing businesses of all sizes and across various industries with complete packaging solutions. Kraft paper has long been a popular choice for businesses for one reason - it works - which is why we stock a comprehensive selection of brown kraft paper in various grades and sizes.

With bulk-buy options available, shop with No1 Packaging today for high-quality kraft wrapping paper rolls at cost-effective prices - after all, it’s what we do best.

High quality ensured  

Kraft paper has long been a packaging standard, boasting a range of practical properties which make it ideal for packaging jobs both big and small:

  • Unrivalled strength - manufactured from premium grade paper, the medium or heavy-duty ribbed design of our kraft paper rolls acts as a robust protective layer - ensuring contents are always safe and secure. Boasting a high level of durability, this paper can withstand industrial pressure, giving you peace of mind without exception
  • Cost-effectiveness - as a cheaper and more lightweight alternative to bubble wrap, kraft paper provides a high level of practicality at a low cost. And with bulk-buy options available on all of our products, you can rest assured your business will never be caught short and your packaging stock will always be cost-effective when you shop with us
  • Versatility - with a range of sizes and grades to choose from, including lower-grade thicknesses suitable for general use, our kraft paper roll collection includes a broad range of products suitable for applications galore
  • Eco-friendliness - for businesses keeping one eye on their environmental responsibilities, our brown kraft paper is recyclable and manufactured in line with the most recent environmental legislation

For a range of uses 

With so many reliable properties, it’s little surprise that our kraft paper rolls are right at home when used for a variety of different applications:

  • Shipping - boasting strength and durability, kraft paper is a popular choice within packaging operations - whether that’s acting as packing and wrapping for individual items or bundling and void fill for boxes and parcels. Ideal for international manufacturers and small-scale ecommerce vendors alike, using kraft paper when shipping locally or worldwide ensures contents always remain safe and secure, no matter how fragile these items may be
  • Pallets - robust and anti-slip, kraft wrapping paper is ideal for warehouses and businesses with busy supply chains, as it can be used between layers of boxes and bags - acting as a base for palletised items to prevent loads from shifting or breakages during transit
  • Floor covering - for businesses in the manufacturing and construction sectors, kraft paper can also be utilised as a handy way to protect flooring and surfaces throughout messy projects
  • Paint masking - likewise, kraft rolls can even be utilised to prevent overspray during paint jobs. Simply mask using the required size of sheet and avoid unnecessarily wasting time and money by having to correct paint oversprays

All with the No1 Packaging seal of approval

Kraft paper rolls boast an array of practical advantages and serve a wide range of purposes, making them a must-have packaging solution for businesses big and small. When shopping with No1 Packaging, you can rest assured that you’ll not only receive an elite product, but also the highest level of customer service - it’s what we do.

With free next day UK delivery on all orders over £50, buy your brown kraft paper rolls online with No1 Packaging today and have a multi-purpose packaging solution at your doorstep by tomorrow.

For more information on our range of kraft rolls, get in touch with No1 Packaging’s friendly team of experts today - we’re always happy to help.

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