Gaffer Tape

If you’re looking for gaffer tape or duct tape that delivers strong adhesion and durability when you need it most, you’re in the right place. At No1 Packaging, we supply a choice of high-quality gaffer tape options that are highly adhesive, powerful sealing tapes that can be used effectively for multiple applications, from securing packages to taping down wires on a film set. 

However, if you’re not sure whether gaffer tape or duct tape is the right option for you, then let us help. There’s a common misconception that these two tapes are one and the same - with many people incorrectly using the two terms interchangeably, but this isn’t the case. These cloth tapes have different properties that make them suited to specific uses, so it’s important you understand the differences between duct tape and gaffer tape to ensure you buy the best tape for your unique requirements.

Luckily, you’re in the right place. As packaging experts, we’re here to clear up this confusion, explaining the subtle yet essential differences between these two fabric tape options to give you a better understanding of this gaffer tape range. This will ensure you find just the quality products you need whatever your requirements may be.

Quality duct tape

Premium duct tape is specially designed to be tough, highly adhesive and durable - making it an ideal companion for packaging applications, construction and other industrial environments.

Manufactured from cloth with a polythene backing, duct tape (also incorrectly referred to as duck tape) is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and boasts effective water-resistant properties. With a strong rubber adhesive that provides a long-lasting fix to the desired surface, this waterproof fabric tape can be used as a protective wrap for heating installation pipework in construction environments, for securing and sealing heavy boxes and much more.

Standard duct tape is typically available in a choice of colours that include black, silver and white, and in a variety of widths and lengths. With high-performance adhesion to most surfaces, duct tape offers a reliable and versatile tape solution that’s perfectly suited for heavy-duty use.

Premium gaffer tape

When it comes to gaffer tape, the subtle differences can easily be missed by the untrained eye - but we’re here to help. Still providing a robust, versatile, waterproof strapping option, black gaffer tape is commonly used in the film and theatre industry for taping up equipment wires for added safety on set. At the other end of the coloured gaffer tape spectrum, you may also find white gaffer tape is used to help identify hazards on floors or act as a visible floor marker for stage positions or equipment placement on film sets.

Also made from cloth, water-resistant gaffer tape delivers excellent adhesion to surfaces, with a rubber adhesive layer to ensure it stays in place as a temporary fix rather than a long-lasting option. The design of gaffer tape also ensures no sticky residue is left behind on expensive filming equipment after use.

When it comes to choosing the right gaffer tape for your application, you’ll find our range has you covered with colours, lengths and widths suitable for an array of different applications. These include: 

  • a choice of black, white, red, blue and silver gaffer tape 
  • 5 different lengths available with 4.5m, 10m, 25m, 45m and 50m gaffer tape rolls 
  • 4 different widths with 48mm, 50mm, 72mm and 96mm wide gaffer tape rolls

All this means that you’re sure to find just the right solution for whatever job you have in mind, and with the option to buy in bulk, you can ensure you never run short of gaffer tape when you need it. 

High-performance solutions from No1 Packaging

Here at No1 Packaging, we fully understand the importance of buying the right gaffer tape (or duct tape) solution to meet your business requirements and your budget. This is why you’ll find high-quality products at great value prices, guaranteeing you can find the perfect balance between the two.

Whether you need 20 gaffer tape rolls or 2000, our structured pricing means you’re always getting a great deal. However, our bulk order discounts and free delivery on orders over £50 will mean you can enjoy even bigger savings the more you gaffer tape you buy. So, when it comes to making the right gaffer tape choice for both quality and price, make No1 Packaging your first stop for premium packaging supplies. To get started, simply add your required products to your basket and head to the checkout to place your order online today.

Of course, if you have more specific requirements or just want more information about our cloth duct tape and gaffer tape products, just ask. You can head to our Contact Us page to find out the best way to get in touch with our expert team of packaging specialists  - they’re always happy to help.

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